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Winnipeg, Manitoba

  1. Strict adherence to MAAC safety code.

  2. No flying while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  3. No flying over the pit and parking areas.

  4. All takeoffs and landings will be on the runway in the direction of the prevailing wind.

  5. No takeoffs or taxiing in / from the pit area is permitted. All run-ups are to be performed on the airfield side of the pit line.

  6. R/C flyers must display a valid Big Sky Flyers and MAAC membership card when flying.

  7. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.

  8. For 72 MHz radio systems, acceptable frequency pins must be used at all times. Frequency pins shall cover 3 pins wide (approx. 1 7/8") Use of gold sticker, narrow band radios is mandatory. Not required for 2.4 GHz radio systems.

  9. No unsupervised children allowed in the pit area or on the flight line.

  10. No pets allowed in the pit area or on the runway. All pets must be kept on a leash.

  11. Mufflers are required on all engines over .051 cubic inches. (unless designated otherwise for predetermined occasions and approved by the membership at a regular club meeting).

  12. Each member is responsible for disposal of their own refuse.

  13. No willful damage to the club flying sites and facilities.

  14. No open fires.

  15. No unsportsmanlike conduct.

  16. Only members in good standing and their guests are welcome to use the field and facilities. Guests wishing to fly must have valid MAAC membership, must adhere to the field rules, and must be accompanied by a club member in good standing. A person considered as a guest shall be limited to 3 flying occasions per year. This does not include Pylon race dates or other events organized by the club.

  17. No more aircraft than the amount of flight stations installed will be allowed on the runways or in the air at once. Flyers shall restrict flight time to 20 minutes when a backlog of waiting aircraft exist.

  18. Other rules may be invoked during special events at the discretion of the contest director or event coordinator.

  19. Flying Hours are from 9:00 A.M. until Dusk daily. No internal combustion engines may be run prior to 9:00 A.M. or after 10:00 P.M.

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